Having a blog is one of the fastest ways to start implementing your strategy to generate traffic organically. In truth, all you need is to have a specific niche to act and write about the issues that can attract the attention of people who are looking for the issues you are going to address.

Some people are afraid to start a blog because they do not think they can write well. But the more you write, the much your texts will be. Also, you also have the possibility of hiring a professional freelancer.

The secret here is just to start. And to help you a little more, we’ll show you what you have to focus on:

  1. Understand what your audience’s interests are and write texts about that. It does not help to talk about what you think is essential; you have to understand the needs of the people who read your blog.
  2. Create a beautiful title, but not sensationalist, because in this last situation, or in case of one that does not show the content that will be in the post, you can compromise your credibility.
  3. Focus on producing a quality text, well written and with a content that adds value to the reader. Do not try to “push” a product or promote yourself in the text. Provide the best possible content and conquer the reader.
  4. Write something that is worth writing. A text with interesting information can generate thousands of times more traffic than several posts with poor content.
  5. Write between 1,000 and 1,500 words. Tiny texts may seem superficial.
  6. Check the text always. And when we talk about revision, it is not only the grammatical part (which must be reviewed carefully, because despite being a text on the Internet, it is essential to write well) but also the content review.
  7. Whenever necessary, update your old and most read posts so that they are well completed.
  8. Create easily assimilated texts. Think about the scanability of your post, that is, show the reader what your text is about without needing to read it all at once. It is possible that the user only takes a look at it and already understands what it is talking about. To do this, use intertitles and listed topics.
  9. Avoid very long fragments, so that the text is not tiring. Whenever possible, it “breaks” long sentences, but without interfering in the coherence and cohesion of the information.
  10. Illustrate the post with images that are attractive and, at the same time, represent the content of the text.
  11. Give the kickoff to the promotion of your article. Share it with your audience on social networks and ask your friends to do the same.