This article is wholly oriented to organic positioning, but I have considered it essential to include it in the Adwords community because it is the fundamental principle of positioning and I think it is essential to understand these two concepts very well to get started in the world of online marketing.

Often these two concepts are confused, or even it is unknown that there are two concepts closely related to each other but that have notable differences.


Definition of Google: ” Google uses software called” web crawler “to discover web pages in the public domain. The best-known tracker is “Googlebot”.

For more detailed information you can visit Google’s  crawling and indexing help.

“Googlebot” is dedicated to tracing billions of documents and websites throughout the network weaving a kind of spider. Therefore, this tracker must try to make it easy for it to track the largest number of pages of a website and This way you index them in the search engine. Something that is important for crawling is the link building strategy, both external and internal. However, many times the development of internal link building is overlooked, and we focus mainly on the links pointing to our page from another website. However, the internal link building is something that helps the tracker a lot to move from one page to another of a site and that way we get more pages tracked.


Definition of Google: ” Google collects the pages during the crawling process and then creates an index, so we know exactly where we need to look.  “

That is, in this index of Google appear all the pages that have been tracked by Googlebot, yes, reach the top positions in the search results in those pages that Google considers that are better optimized and that provide a more relevant response to the user.

How do I know how many and which pages has Google indexed from my website?

If we have published our website recently, it is very likely that Webmaster Tools will not provide us with information, but that does not mean that Google has not indexed any of our pages, so another way to check it is by typing in the search site: example. com

The results that appear here means that they are already indexed, but you should not have any illusions, this does not say that they are well positioned, from here on you will have to “attack” the keywords for which we want to place ourselves.